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The Hunt aka Jagten (2012) – Review

One of the best dramas that I’ve seen in recent times since ‘A separation’


Thomas Vinterberg the dogme95 guy along Trier has given a gripping film. Celebration(Festen) is the only other film of Thomas I’ve seen. In both these movies ‘child sexual abuse’ plays an important role. In Hunt vinterberg depicts the aftermath of a false allegation of pedophilia. The film shows how fast a sensitive, serious accusation like this spreads over the society and how it sees the convict after that , even though if it is a lie.

In Hunt, Mads Mikkelsen, villain who scratched Bond’s balls in Casino Royale, plays as a kind-hearted ordinary man ‘Lucas’, a kindergarten teacher. All the kids love him, his friends love him, has a cute dog Fanny, after all his son Marcus, who is living with mother after divorce, loves him very much. All are good until an impulsive lie of an innocent little girl, daughter of his best friend, rips his life apart.

As Grethe, Head teacher of the school, blindly believes the lie of the innocent child and addresses the issue with help of a child psychologist, who seems to be inexperienced. Then all the parents of are asked to lookout for some symptoms in their children, suspecting that Lucas might have done this to many of them. Police are called. Situation goes out of control only to cause grief to Lucas and his son Marcus.

Well scripted also well driven by Mikkelsen’s performance. Has been premièred in Cannes and nominated for Non English film in BAFTA this year.

The Hunt is moving. A Must watch.


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