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Angst aka Fear (1983) Review

Director Gerald Kargl has made one movie in his life and that’s this highly disturbing, bleak movie. Extremely RAW in its genre. Internet says to me that, as he produced this movie, he got sunk into many debts and has to give up directing. May be, while producing it he must have thought that,

“I might get rich someday, but I will always be the director of ‘Angst'”

. I’d say he might have been a Haneke-like director otherwise.

Angst starts with this line,

“The fear in her eyes and the knife in the chest. That’s my last memory of my mother. That’s why I had to go to prison for four years, even though she survived. “

Angst is about a psycho, who after serving 10 years for killing a old woman, is just getting out of prison. Narrative screenplay adds up to the distubia. Narration is like we are hearing the Psychopath’s mind-voice throughout. As he is walking out of the prison, his thoughts are that he is free now, after ten years, to quench his thirst of lust, killing-spree and the satisfaction that he gets of torturing women, but this time he is not gonna get caught as he is having a perfect plan.

He after failing to kill a cab driver flees out and finds a destitute house where he quenches his psychotic thirsts. Saying more would be revealing I guess. The film is based on a serial killer named Werner Kniesek says many. I see this film in line with ‘Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer’ and many others see it the same way. But this film will be more unsettling and brutal. Two main facets of this movie which really adds up are the actor Erwin Leder – for his lifetime performance, cinematographer Zbigniew Rybczynski – for his unconventional, disturbing camera work.

This film is not for everyone and even if you are like ‘ey, I always have been a fan of serial killer movies’ this is worse. This is not like a hillbilly, backwoods horror movies or slasher movies with blood and gore. It is a mind f——- movie. And if you are a fan of Dexter, he is not a true psycho for your information.

There are two versions of this movie you can find the info and comparison about’em here.

Angst – A genuine psychopath.


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