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Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003)

This will make you walk out of the house with camera ,to capture the decisive moment.

The Impassioned Eye was shot shortly before his death at 96 .Henri Cartier Bresson holds his masterpieces and explains the hidden details in his photographs. His contribution to the world of photography couldn’t be explained in words.If you are a cinematographer or a photographer ,this could be one film to change your vision.More than 100 photos are explained in detail by Bresson. Watching this film was like a workshop given by the master itself.Bresson also explains how one should look for moment.

If you are a photographer.Also watch this documentary “Just Plain Love”

A narration from Just Plain Love:

“I’m very old .Memories Accumulate.The recent ones float on top and others fade away.Seeing a face might bring them back.It all comes back to me with such clarity.
A sign said “Enter without knocking”..Well this knocked me out.When i saw them,I took the shot and then I said hello.It’s an enquiry but also it’s a physical embracing of the person.It happens in less then fraction of a second.You must feel it intuitively.”


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