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Kolya (1996) – Review


Kolya Movie Review

The plot is about Louka who incidentally meets with a young Russian boy Kolya and slowly their relationship gets deeper. The story starts with 55-year-old Louka, a cellist who used to play for Philharmonic (the Prague state symphony orchestra) but now plays at funerals, paints graves and leads a fairly playboy-ish lifestyle. It was the time when the Czechoslovakia was occupied by Soviet Union.

Louka, who is void of emotions and bonding, is in need of money agrees to marry a Russian girl; half his age whose son happens to be Kolya, helping the young lady secure the Czech citizenship. Although it was a marriage of convenience and there was no serious intentions both sides, situations leave stranded Kolya under Louka’s care.

1996 Academy award winner for Best Foreign Language Film,Kolya-directed by Jan Sverak is a soul stirrer. Apart from heart touching scenes, the film has excellent cinematography .The characterisations of Louka and Kolya, played by Zdenek Sverak and Andrei Chalimon respectively, were well portrayed and their performances were equally supportive.


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