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Captain Abu Raed (2007) -Review

Warm and Extraordinary !!

Captain Abu Raed,directed by Amin Matalqa is a Jordan movie filled with love,kindness and compassion .Its has mesmerizing cinematography and everlasting characters.The film really leaves one with a lot of thoughts.

Abu Raed is an old janitor at Amman Airport.He speaks from the heart. He is well-read and wise, but he is very much alone since the death of his wife.One day while cleaning the bin,he finds a pilot’s hat and wears it home.The next day,Abu Raed finds himself surrounded by a group of children asking for tales of adventure and dreams.He makes them happy telling stories about his journeys.Abu Raed continues to care for them and soon discovers the problems the children are facing in their lives. He decides to help them which risks his own life.

The movie won the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival.

Abu Raed will be one of your favourite heros.


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