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Saving Face (2012) -Documentary

Depressing,Shocking and Extremely Powerful.

Your heart will be filled with anger against these crimes. 2012’s Academy Award Winning documentary directed by Daniel Junge, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy,shows the plight of women who suffered acid attacks in Pakistan.


    In Pakistan’s government hospital,a free clinic has been set up for victims of acid attacks.There are over 100 acid attacks reported in Pakistan every year.Many go unreported.

“My husband just threw acid on me.He didn’t want me”.

“I was thirteen years old at the time of attack,My school teacher wanter to be with me.But I refused.He threw acid on me”

The documentary starts with women speaking about how it happened,with the face melted,lips distorted and eye socket completely damaged.Dr. Mohammad Jawad, a Pakistani doctor from London volunteers his time to hear these stories and bring a change.The power of this documentary is that the director has played his role like a mirror,making us to get the feel by showing the reality. Raw and Haunting!! When at the end,Zakia,a woman attacked by acid says” He received a double life sentence. Sir this is the first time ever to punish a case under the new law”, i almost cried.

The subject of the film was never mentioned during the academy award broadcast.

This is an epic,which shows the dominance of men over woman in the world we live.

Don’t miss this !!!


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