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Adaminte Makan Abu(2011)-Review

A work of art filled with pain,love,compassion and forgiveness.

It’s a dream for every muslim in this world to visit Hajj once in their lifetime.Adaminte Makan Abu is about the desire of a poor attar(perfume seller) Abu and his wife to make a journey to Hajj.With the money they saved,they make arrangements for the travel. Though they are helped by good-hearted people,the cow and the jackfruit fruit tree,they aren’t able to make the journey. The climax ends with a strong message and makes our eyes filled with tears.

Madhu Ambat’s cinematography is mind-blowing .Well scripted and brilliantly directed ,every single thing in this movie-the cows,the jackfruit tree,the tree where Ustad sits( saint in the village),the scar of Abu’s hand has a heartwarming characterization attached to it.

You will get an experience of watching an iranian film where the emotions are strong and simple.

India’s official entry to the 84th Academy Awards.One of the best films from India in recent times.


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