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CAIRO 678 (2010) – Review

Powerful depiction of a silent humiliation suffered by women!!!

CAIRO 678 (2010) - Review

CAIRO 678 is a movie about sexual harassment suffered by Egyptian women which, knowing from this movie, seems to be persistently present in Egypt’s culture. The story revolves around three women, Faiza, Nelly and Seba, who courageously fight back against all odds.

CAIRO 678 is made by a writer-turned director Mohamed Diab, this being his first and only movie, a gripping one. The three lead characters have done a great job especially, Boshra’s (Faiza) performance is worth to mention. The movie also depicts: how the life of three women, coming from different class, changes after they are subjected to such humiliations.

All three women were humiliated by three different incidents and are being humiliated till day, fights back in their own ways. And their courageousness is neither appreciated nor supported by Egypt’s people culture and family members respectively.

CAIRO 678 is a movie to see a realistic example of simple observant women, struggling with factual issues in her own society, a movie that doesn’t even expose any actress (or your eyes) to violence, rape, or the likes, while simultaneously making what is happening clear to you with such elegance and genius – Don’t miss it.


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  1. Hmm, sounds interesting!

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