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Pina (2011) -Review

A visually stunning tribute to genius

Pina is a documentary by Wim Wenders for Pina Bausch (1940-2009), a German choreographer of modern dance.Pina’s style is famous for strong emotions, unique gestures, and it is sometimes surreal .She became a leading choreographer since the 1970s in the world of modern dance.Pina died due to cancer during the early production of this documentary .

The movie features four major works that Pina developed: Le sacre du printemps, Café Mueller, Kontakthof and Vollmond.Though i didn’t get a chance to watch it in 3D,i must say Wim Wenders has made this documentary more powerful with great POV shots and multiple angles that give us clearer views of the dancers’ expressive faces.

All of Pina Bausch’s dances tell stories.The director has made us to submerge in them.

Nominated for oscar 2012, Best Documentary.


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