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In Darkness -Review

If your heart is looking for a movie like Pianist and Schindler’s List,not only based on the theme but on the cinematic value,this is the one “In Darkness”.

Directed by Agnieszka Holland ,In Darkness tells a part of the history which is unfamiliar to all of us.I have seen Europa Europa long back and it is better than that.

It’s a true story of the sewers worker who helped the jews for a price.The story follows an individual group of Jews who evade the Nazis once the ghetto massacre begins. The group dug a hole from one of their small apartments which leads down into the murky mess of the Lvov, Poland sewers. The resident lord of the sewers is sewer inspector, Leopold Socha. He is a blue collar worker who is just trying to get through the German occupation as best he can. Along with his assistant, Socha ransack the houses formerly occupied by Jews to steal whatever he can and sell the stolen goods to help support his wife Wanda and his young daughter. One day while working in the sewer, Socha comes upon a group of Jews who have just completed digging a hole from the Jewish ghetto into the sewer.Socha helps them for a price.

Each and every characterization in this film is well drafted. The scene at the beginning of the film where old women runs nude for their life is heart breaking.

The cinematography and lighting in this movie are stunning.

Get ready to become a claustrophobic for 2 hour 15 mins.

In Darkness was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards.


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