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Life, Above All (Review)

An Emotional Saga

Based on the novel Chandra’s Secret by Allan Stratton and directed by Oliver Schmitz,Life, Above All opens with a scene where 12 year old school girl Chanda visits the undertaker to choose a tiny coffin for her baby sister, Sarah.After this,rumour spreads across the village that her mother is affected by Aids as she gets weaker day by day.Although it is never mentioned , we can see from the villagers reactions and hushed faces, that Sarah did not really die of influenza, but of AIDS.

Chanda, a smart girl had to miss a lot of school to help her mother ,care for a sick sister, deal with her alcoholic stepfather, contend with her best friend Esther who involves in prostitution.

Viewers will get an idea about this heart touching tale as soon they hear these words from the undertaker at the beginning of the movie “Sarah will look beautiful shrouded in white.All you’ll see is her pretty face.”

The film shows the face of AIDS affected Africa through the eyes of protagonist Chanda. Cinematography is wonderful and supports the story.

Selected as South Africa’s official submission to the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, ultimately making the nine film shortlist.

Simple and Emotional


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