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A Prophet (2009) – Review

In a nutshell – Undeniably one of the best gangster movies ever made.

A Prophet Review Un Prophète

A Prophet depicts the life of a young Arab boy, Malik el Djebena who is shy and timid, imprisoned in a French prison. The transformation phase of the timid boy to a remorseless gangster during his six year term in prison is the plot of the movie. Stylish, Raw, well-paced and all these credits goes to the director, Jacques Audiard.

It all starts for Malik, after he is chosen by Cesar (an outstanding Niels Arestrup) to kill an inmate. After committing a clumsy and brutal murder, Malik escapes only because Cesar runs the prison with his gang of Corsicans, money to pay people off, and prison guards to work for him. After all, A Prophet is worth watching for Niels Arestrup and Tahar Rahim’s extraordinary performances.

Malik soon begins to educate himself on many levels, not only learning to read and write, but teaching himself Corsican details of Luciani’s business also how to devise strategy and eventually how to rise.

A Prophet is one of the best films of 2009 !!!


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