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Even the Rain (2010) -Review

In a nutshell: A movie within a movie which gets deeper in your heart.

Even the Rain is a Spanish film directed by Iciar Bollain.

The story starts with Mexican film director Sebastian ,his producer Costa , and his crew.They arrive at Cochabamba, Bolivia to shoot their film about Christopher Columbus and his first explorations, revealing the genocide against the native Indians.

The movie has another sub plot which is based on the political situation in Bolivia during the year 2000 :an American water company bought the water supply from the Bolivian government and the citizens of Bolivia were banned from collecting rainwater which had become corporate property. This resulted in a violent protest against the government by the indigenous Indians.Sebastian’s crew casts an indian Daniel who leads the protest against the government.

Cinematography is excellent taking full advantage of the lush settings.The editing of the riot sequences conveys a sense of frightening immediacy.

It’s not easy to work real politics into a drama.The director has made an emotive and sensible film which unfolds the past and an uncomfortable truth about the hand,colonialism continues to play in modern-day.

“The truth has many enemies. The lie has many friends.”


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