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Vazhakku En 18/9 – Review

Vazhakku En 18/9

In a Nutshell – Eternity of love is never shown like this in any tamil movie before.

Vazhukku En 18/9 best review

Kadhal and kalloori fame Balaji Sakthivel has once again proved that he is one of the best story-tellers in tamil cinema.

Plot – As the title suggests, the story is about a crime and its investigation which unfolds an eternal love. The movie is brilliantly scripted and well executed. The whole shoot took 53 days which clearly emphasizes the brilliance of the script. The stunning part is cinematography by Vijay Milton who has used canon 5d and 7d for the making. The movie features all new faces and it is an added advantage. Every scene  in Vazhakku En 18/9 is so perfectly planned and meaningfully placed

Gorilla shots used in this movie are fantabulous especially when the lead character expresses his rage. And it is the only scene where the anger of lead character is depicted. The director has also made us to think about the present situation of society through the eyes of the characters.

The last half n hour of Vazhakku En 18/9 leaves us speechless with its enduring emotions and love. This movie proves that a director doesn’t need 3 hours to dump the feel of love into audience but he can make the feel to sneak into them in just 2 minutes. Every aspect in the filmmaking is attempted from a different perspective including the solo track which is very beautiful to watch and hear.

Do not miss this genuine piece of a gem produced by UTV Motion Pictures which always gives the society promising world class cinema.


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