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Thanneer Thanneer (1981)

One of the best film about India – from India.

The film revolves around two main factors power and powerlessness.

Athipati, a remote village in TamilNadu suffers from extreme poverty without any water for the daily needs. The villagers adopt all possible ways to bring the attention of the government but end up with negligence and powerlessness. Instead of waiting in vain for government aid, the villagers unite to solve the problems on their own. Will they succeed?

The film is based on the story written by Komal Swaminathan ,one of the greatest playwriter in Tamil and directed by K.Balachander who is known for his distinct film-making style .

Characterization is powerful and so brilliantly done that leaves an everlasting impression in our heart.

The movie has a dark sense of humour. The climax is depressing and sad that makes us feel that there is still complete darkness in the lives of these people from rural india, in spite of the great strides the country has made towards becoming a global economic and military power.

You don’t necessarily have to be an Indian to appreciate this film.

Awards: National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil
National Film Award for Best Screenplay – K. Balachander


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