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Gomorrah (2008)

A realistic piece of work based on the novel by Roberto Saviano and directed by Matteo Garrone .

Gomorrah is an Italian film about “The Camorra” a Mafia-type criminal organization originating in the region of Campania and its capital Naples in Italy.The film depicts five microcosmic stories.

The first story tells of how the clan of the members is on the edge of a gang war, Don Ciro is in the middle of it, a man who distributes money to families of imprisoned men. In the tower blocks of Napoli is a young boy Toto who groceries for pocket money. But he is slowly bought into the lower levels of the Mafia with promises of fun, money and girls, but also introduced to a world of violence. Within the higher levels of the Mafia Franco and his young apprentice Roberto bid for a contract to dump toxic waste for city.The final story involves Marco and Ciro , two teenagers and wannabe gangsters. They are obsessed with the 1980s version of Scarface.

The story manages to let you in, while leaving you thinking and wanting more with its documentary style narration of the lives of people within and outside the Gomorrah.

Facts from the movie.

“In Europe the Camorra has killed more than all other criminal organizations.”

“4,000 deaths in the last thirty years.One every three days.”

“Gains from illegal activities are reinvested in legal ones worldwide.”
“The Camorra has also invested in the reconstruction of the Twin Towers.”

Won the Grand Prix at the 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival, 2008


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