Harishchandrachi Factory (2009) – Review

One important film of Indian Cinema. Not because of anything but because it depicts the birth of Indian cinema. Because it depicts the struggle, character and passion of Dadasahed Phalke (The Father of Indian Cienma). Paresh Mokashi’s debut film and he is a director to watch out for. Harishchandrachi factory is about the making of […]

The Hunt aka Jagten (2012) – Review

One of the best dramas that I’ve seen in recent times since ‘A separation’ Thomas Vinterberg the dogme95 guy along Trier has given a gripping film. Celebration(Festen) is the only other film of Thomas I’ve seen. In both these movies ‘child sexual abuse’ plays an important role. In Hunt vinterberg depicts the aftermath of a […]

Angst aka Fear (1983) Review

Director Gerald Kargl has made one movie in his life and that’s this highly disturbing, bleak movie. Extremely RAW in its genre. Internet says to me that, as he produced this movie, he got sunk into many debts and has to give up directing. May be, while producing it he must have thought that, “I […]

I cannot sleep

I cannot sleep. My roommate snores really bad and it keeps me awake. I figured that if I keep myself engaged by writing some stuff or the other, my body will automatically doze off to sleep. So whatever that is written below cannot guarantee factual accuracy and I’d desperately fail if I try to do […]

Heaven on Earth(2008) -Review

Honest and Powerful film Heaven on Earth is a powerful film directed by Deepa Mehta.The plot is about chand ,a punjabi woman, who is married, leaves northern India, to live with her husband who she is meeting for the first time as well as her in laws.Its not defnitely the heaven for chand where she […]

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003)

This will make you walk out of the house with camera ,to capture the decisive moment. The Impassioned Eye was shot shortly before his death at 96 .Henri Cartier Bresson holds his masterpieces and explains the hidden details in his photographs. His contribution to the world of photography couldn’t be explained in words.If you are […]

Kolya (1996) – Review

Magical!!! The plot is about Louka who incidentally meets with a young Russian boy Kolya and slowly their relationship gets deeper. The story starts with 55-year-old Louka, a cellist who used to play for Philharmonic (the Prague state symphony orchestra) but now plays at funerals, paints graves and leads a fairly playboy-ish lifestyle. It was […]

Movie of the Month

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) – Review

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) – Review

Highly Disturbing Psycho Thriller!! Eva, played by Tilda Swinton, mother of Kevin slowly realizes that her child is strange and is turning more malicious as he grows. Tilda Swinton has given a performance of her lifetime. Kevin’s life is shown in three stages which we witness through his mothers eyes. Ezra Miller plays the teenager […]